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You can fly Alaska Airlines directly to Gustavus during the summer. They have daily flights from Juneau which arrive in Gustavus around 4:45 PM.

Another option is to use an air taxi service between Gustavus and nearby communities. The price between Juneau and Gustavus is around $100.00 (one way), and multiple companies offer several flights each day.

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Frequent Questions

Most likely, you'll have several questions about your kayaking expedition in Alaska. Here's a few that we're frequently asked:

  • What if we have never kayaked before?

  • Why Spirit Walker Expeditions?

  • How do we sign up for one of your trips?

  • Do you have an age limit?

  • What should we bring?

  • How do we get to Gustavus?

  • What type of kayaks do you use?

  • Will we see bears?

  • How close will we get to the whales?

  • When is the best time to visit Southeast Alaska?

From Our Clients...

“My first GUIDED trip ever. Great experience that I have been recommending ever since my return. Thank you very much.” – Scott J.

Did You Know?

Humpbacks are baleen whales, eating mostly small fish and krill. A humpback can take 15,000 gallons of water into its ventral pouch at once. But its throat is only the size of a melon!

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