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Family Trips

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Family Fun!

Spirit Walker Expeditions has taken people out as young as two years old, and as old as ninety-two!

Spirit Walker specializes in trips that allow people of all ages and skill levels to really experience the natural wonders of Southeast Alaska. Through years of experience, we've designed trips that offer a safe, fun and rewarding experience for all.

If you have a family with younger children, this often means turning a kayaking trip into a beach camping trip. We'll transport you to a fantastic location, and you'll spend time on land exploring and whale watching--with brief excursions in kayaks. 

A Shared Experience

For families with kids in high school or college, our trips are a great opportunity to explore together as a family. You'll be watching whales, spotting otters or hiking through 10,000-year-old rainforest while spending quality time with your kids.

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Exploring Alaska

And for families with older parents, a kayaking trip with Spirit Walker Expeditions is a great way to get out camping again without having to worry about any of the logistics. We'll cover all the details, and you'll be free to look for wildlife, and to hike or paddle some of the Alaska's most amazing landscapes.

Exploring Southeast Alaska's coastline with children and seeing it though their eyes is a fantastic way to see the region and discover all it has to offer. A number of people have taken their young children out with us for their first camping experience. In fact, most of our guides have taken their kids out for their first camping trips up here.

For adult families, a Spirit Walker sea kayaking trip is a great way to spend more time together, to experience the natural wonders of the Alaskan wilderness and to learn more about the region's intricate ecosystem.

 Family Trips  

Here are some recommended family trips from our guides with kids!

  • Children ages 3 and older: Whales! 2 or 3 days, simple beach camping and kayaking.
  • Children ages 8 and older: Wilderness Isles, 2-3 days, camping, hiking and kayaking trip.
  • Children ages 16 and older: Myriad Islands, 6-8 days, adventurous camping trip.
From Our Clients...

"It was an amazing bonding trip with my daughter that we will remember forever. Thank you!" - Carol B.

Harbor seals have a highly developed diving metabolism that allows them to hold their breath for up to two hours. They store most of the oxygen in their blood and muscle instead of their lungs.

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