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Lodge to Lodge Sea Kayaking

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Intertidal Zone

Our Lodge to Lodge trip is widely recognized as one of the most unique ways to experience the coming together of Alaska's natural and cultural worlds.  This confluence includes world-class sea kayaking in one of the few places where the Inside Passage meets the outer-coast waters of the Gulf of Alaska.

This trip combines a true wilderness adventure with the luxuries of lodges like the Hobbit Hole Guesthouse – located deep in the heart of the Inian Islands Wilderness Area.  Our lodge trip offers a chance for incredible wildlife viewing and sea kayaking in the most dynamic and dramatic settings.  At the same time delight in the chance to be welcomed into the lives of long-time Alaskan fishermen, inn-keepers, guides, and other characters that make this trip such a rich and all-encompassing experience.

Expedition Details — Lodge to Lodge [LL]

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Point Adolphus

Location: Icy Passage, Chichagof Island

Duration: Expedition length is three to seven days. Custom trips by arrangement.

Paddle Distance: 10-30 miles.

Activities: Paddling, photography, bird watching, rainforest walks, wildlife viewing.

Highlights: Paddling in a variety of conditions from calm inside waters to ocean swells; viewing rookeries of nesting seabirds while exploring small uninhabited islands; viewing a variety of marine wildlife including seals and sea otters. Relaxing in the warmth and comfort of the wilderness lodges.

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Trip Description — Lodge to Lodge [LL]

Our Lodge to Lodge trips are typically designed for a single party – a couple, a family, or friends that are looking to take the trip together.  For this reason, we are able to customize each trip based on the individuals and allow itineraries to be flexible and personal. 

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Hobbit Hole Guesthouse

We start our trip in the hamlet of Gustavus where the Bear Track Inn will be our hosts for the night. This beautiful log-crafted lodge is located near the shores of Icy Strait and offers wonderful views of the surrounding mountains. After a delicious dinner your Spirit Walker guide will conduct a trip orientation of the adventures to come.

In the morning we will meet our charter boat for the ride across Icy Strait to Point Adolphus. The point will be the setting for our first sea kayaking excursion – a day of paddling with the 50-ton humpback whales that congregate around the point. Our water taxi picks us up in the afternoon for the ride to the Hobbit Hole Guest House.

In the afternoon, our water taxi captain will return to deliver us into the heart of the Inian Islands Wilderness – a dynamic grouping of small islands – and the setting for the Hobbit Hole Guesthouse.  The Hobbit Hole is home to inn-keeper Jane Button and her husband Greg Howe, a long-time commercial fisherman.  This incredible duo will make you feel right at home - and you won't want to leave once you've tasted Jane's cooking.  Meals always include fresh local ingredients – salmon, halibut, or Dungeness crab from the ocean; herbs, salad greens and vegetables from Jane's bountiful garden; fresh berries from the forest for Jane's delicious pies; or fresh duck eggs for breakfast.

The Hobbit Hole Guesthouse is the ideal base for exploring the passes which flow all around the islands and connect the Gulf of Alaska to the Inside Passage.  Here, humpbacks and multitudes of sea lions and other wildlife congregate to feed on the fish and krill that get funneled through the waterways.  Kayaking to the outer-coast side of the islands, we pass sea-cliffs with nesting cormorants, sea-arches and caves interspersed with rocky and sandy beaches.  Two days and nights at the Guesthouse will allow us to explore the islands and their waterways by kayak and on foot. 

  • Sea lions have recently colonized “Bird Rock”.  A paddling trip to the waters near the rookery will astound us with the sight and sound of hundreds of sea lions basking on the rock, or surfacing around our kayaks.
  • Hikers who are ready for a somewhat strenuous hike will delight in the 360 degree views (weather permitting) from the top of the Inian Island.  This hike takes us through old growth rainforests, salmonberry thickets, and into the alpine on the top of the island.
  • A paddling trip across South Inian Pass will take us to the raised-boardwalk community of Elfin Cove on Chichagof Island.  A walk along the boardwalk takes us through a truly unique fishing village where local characters abound.

After exploring the Inian Islands and relaxing at the Guesthouse, our charter boat will return to deliver us back to Gustavus where we will be welcomed back to the Bear Track Inn. The following day will be spent aboard the catamaran which cruises into Glacier Bay National Park. This full-day boat ride is a great way to reflect on the adventures of the past few days while you take in the wildlife and calving glaciers of the upper-bay. The last night of the trip will be spent at the inn where you can relax around the fireplace, telling stories of your trip to Point Adolphus, the Inian Islands, and Glacier Bay.

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Trip Map: Lodge to Lodge

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From Our Clients...

“We had a wonderful experience with such a beautiful setting and a great guide. The lodge to lodge trip was perfect (with a great camping experience with great food) and a visit to the Hobbit Hole is hard to top. The variety was a good way to keep the kids completely entertained.... You can't talk about the trip without mentioning the very hospitable Gustavus Inn as well. It was an experience the family will always remember fondly.” – Kirk H.

Did You Know?

At the northernmost tip of Chichagof Island, Point Adolphus protrudes into Icy Strait — directly across from Glacier Bay National Park. The area is a striking setting for viewing one of the densest populations of feeding humpback whales in Alaska. The concentration of tidal currents around the point corral the small fish and krill upon which the whales, sea lions, seals, bald eagles and other animals feed.

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